The 21st century is an era or digitization. Every aspect is moving to the virtual platform. Businesses are not an exception either. Each day, new e-commerce platforms are popping up and causing a paradigm shift in the way people conduct business.  Apart from moving to virtual platforms, businesses are becoming mobile.

How? Do you mean businesses are starting to travel or?

By mobile, it means you can do business through a mobile device. Hence regardless of where you are whether you are traveling or on holiday, you can buy or sell through your mobile phone.

With this idea, it is evident that mobile devices are now crucial business devices.  Moreover, today’s e-commerce evangelization theme is enhancing mobile-friendliness of your site. But, why does this matter? Here are the reasons why mobile friendliness is the cornerstone of modern e-commerce platforms:

i.    More searches happen through mobile devices

Currently at least 70% of American population own a smartphone. For this reason, people are running away from using PC to conduct their searches. Mobile phones are now a reliable source of any information that the user may need at any time.

Also, the comprehensive coverage of the internet is enabling people to use their mobile phones to do their shopping. Hence, if you are using an e-commerce platform that is not mobile friendly, your chance of being found through them are minimal which means you will miss out on the booming online market.

ii.    Better Google ranking

In 2015, Google revised its algorithms and added mobile friendliness as a core factor in ranking sites.  In this essence, e-commerce sites that are mobile-first are earning better ranks than their counterparts.

With this in mind, mobile friendliness is essential when building an e-commerce website. The e-commerce solution you select must be able to adapt to current changes in the ranking factors. This means your platform must accommodate mobile friendliness to enhance the success of your online business.

iii.    Mobile friendliness is the future

Each year mobile-based searches are doubling, and desktop ones are declining. People are no longer relying solely on PC to look for commodities online. In fact, during Cyber Monday sales more deals take place on the mobile devices. With this in mind, you can confirm that the world is going mobile. For your business to join the trail, an e-commerce platform is a cradle.

Otherwise, if your platform is not mobile friendly, making a sale in future will remain a dream.