As you move on to setting up an e-commerce website, most experts will warn you against selling physical goods. They will tell you that physical goods are expensive to ship and the online customers will not readily buy them. But is this a fact or a myth?

With advancement in technology and innovations, new e-commerce platform features are easing physical goods selling. This is happening due to the ability to enhance the interaction between an item and the user virtually. As such, selling physical goods is becoming faster and easier. So, probably the experts’ advice is a myth.

But what features should an e-commerce platform for selling physical goods possess? Here they are:

a)    360-degree image extension

The image is the sole point of contact between the potential buyer and the product. When selling a physical product, your e-commerce platform should have a 360degree image extension that allows the buyer to view the item from all angles.

Also, this feature enables you to arrange the item images in such a manner easier for customers to peruse them smoothly. With this feature, your customers will have a reason for making timely decisions as they will reasonably interact with your items as they would on a physical store.

b)    Product document extensions

Have you tried to shop at an online store only to find limited information about your product of choice? Probably, you didn’t buy because the available information did not fully convince you. The same case would happen to you when selling physical goods on your e-commerce site.

However, with the product document extensions, it is now possible to upload downloadable product information. Before a customer purchases your products, they can download a detail information document. This feature is enhancing the interaction between your product and the potential buyers as they get its manual before purchasing it.

Hence, when considering an e-commerce platform for physical products, ensure it can add product document extensions.

c)    Shipping features

As stated above, shipment is a back pain to many webpreneurs. Particularly, when selling physical goods, ferrying them to the customer causes a headache. However, new features such as ShippingEasy are now easing item shipping. These features help you to set shipping rates, develop labels for your items, track the shipment and create return labels.

All this happens automatically easing your hassles. Furthermore, these features integrate with significant e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce. Hence, if you are looking on to sell physical items; these features should be a priority on your e-commerce solution of choice.